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National Waste Management Programme

The National Waste Management Programme sets out the federal government’s strategy for the responsible and safe disposal of radioactive waste in Germany. The programme does not constitute a rule of law. However, any waste management plans and administrative procedures initiated by the stakeholders in the field of nuclear waste management need to respect the programme. The report is planned to be updated every three years.

Inventory of radioactive waste and forecast

The programme is based on a list of all types of radioactive waste that are supposed to be finally disposed of in Germany. This includes both high-level radioactive waste, such as spent fuel elements from nuclear power plants as well as waste returned from reprocessing plants outside Germany, and low-level and intermediate-level radioactive waste of all kinds. The list also includes a forecast of the amount of radioactive waste to be expected by 2080.

The National Waste Management Programme was agreed by the federal government in August 2015. It is based on the requirements set out in the European Council Directive 2011/70/Euratom.

State of 2017.07.04

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