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What is nuclear waste management?

Management of radioactive materials

In the use of nuclear energy for power generation, in research, in the industry and in medicine, radioactive wastes accrue that need to be transported, stored intermediately and disposed of. The BfE executes tasks concerning

in different functions. These are law enforcement tasks of the federal administration under the Atomic Energy Act, the Radiation Protection Ordinance and the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Act.

In Germany the federal administration is responsible for radioactive waste disposal. The BfE is responsible for the execution of federal custody. It is licensing authority for the carriage and storage of nuclear fuels or nuclear fuel containing wastes. The BfE makes e. g. decisions concerning

  • transports of spent fuel elements from nuclear power plants and
  • the licensing of on-site interim storage facilities for spent fuel elements.

By contrast, corresponding federal state authority is the licensing authority

  • for the construction and operation of nuclear facilities and
  • for the handling of nuclear fuels as well as
  • for the handling, transport and storage of other radioactive materials that are no nuclear fuels.

Depending on each task, the responsibility is either with the federal administration or with the federal state.

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