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Contents of the Technical Guide “Package design safety reports for the transport of radioactive material”

A package design safety report serves as documentary evidence that the package design is in compliance with all applicable provisions. The package design safety report is the basis for the application for a design approval. The Technical Guide provides all necessary information for the development of a package design safety report. It is recommended to use the Technical Guide to prepare documentary evidence also for package designs not requiring competent authority approval.

Structure and contents of a package design safety report

The following survey shows all information of the contents of a package design safety report. Amongst others a detailed description of the radioactive contents, of the package design and its components as well as a safety assessment is contained in this safety report. The safety assessment proves that all requirements of the applicable provisions are fulfilled for the requested package design

Applicable provisions according to IAEA and ADR

For each package type the applicable paragraphs of the IAEA Regulations and of the ADR provisions (as an example for the provisions of the different modes of transport) are represented in this matrix.

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