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Design approvals of transport packages

Packages in which radioactive material with enhanced risk potential is transported require competent authority approval. An approval is granted by the BfE for the package design (packaging with the contents to be transported). The BfE has taken over this task on 30. July 2016 from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) that had been responsible until then.

Accordingly, type B(U), type B(M), type C packages and all packages containing fissile material are subject to approval. All information and essential legal provisions the design approval procedure is based on are presented in the following. In particular the approval procedure, the application and the structure of a package design safety report are explained.

How does the approval procedure work?

The transport of radioactive material is subject to strict national and international provisions to ensure the protection of persons, property and the environment. This protection goal is mainly achieved by the concept of the "safe package", the package being the packaging with the radioactive contents.

Technical guide

A package design safety report serves as documentary evidence that the package design is in compliance with all applicable provisions. The package design safety report is the basis for the application for a design approval. The Technical Guide provides all necessary information for the development of a package design safety report. It is recommended to use the Technical Guide to prepare documentary evidence also for package designs not requiring competent authority approval.

Approval procedure: Principles and overview

The safety-related requirements for a package are established in the Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and have been implemented in a legally binding manner in the provisions relating to the transport of dangerous goods. The compliance with the provisions must be proven for each package design. Assistance for preparing documentary evidence is provided by a technical guide. The procedure for the package design approval is regulated in a guideline.

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