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Precautions and emergency response

German nuclear power plants are protected against different possible events. For example precautions against power failure and earthquake are implemented.

Accident management measures are foreseen as precaution in case that an event occurs that has not been taken into account and against which the plant is not designed. Internal accident management measures shall prevent and control events exceeding the plant design or mitigate the effects to the environment. If the internal accident management measures are not sufficient external emergency measures shall reduce the radiation exposure of the human being and the environment.

State of 2018.07.27

Power failure

A nuclear power plant requires power for electrically driven components such as pumps. In certain circumstances, for example after a shut-down, it depends on the power supply from the public grid. In the event of a failure of this power supply, a nuclear power plant can meet its power demand via several other power sources.

Internal accident management

If an event occurs that has not been anticipated as an incident and against which the plant is not designed, internal accident management measures are in place at the German nuclear power plants. These measures concentrate on the plant itself, in contrast to the external accident management, which is carried out by the disaster control authorities.

Precautions against earthquakes

All German nuclear power plants should be able to withstand an earthquake. This design is based on an assumption as to what category of earthquake an individual power plant must be able to withstand; this is then termed the design basis earthquake.

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