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Research reactors in Germany - reportable events since commissioning

Research reactors in Germany Research reactors

Here information about the site, state and the power of the German research reactors with a continuous thermal power above 50 kW is given.

The last column of the table indicates the number of reportable events since commissioning.

Research reactors in Germany: Reportable events since commissioning
Research reactors with a continuous thermal power above 50 kWType

Thermal power


Year of initial criticalityYear of final shut-downNumber of reportable events since commissioning as of 30 November 2018
BER IIBerlin Experimental Reactor Unit IIPool / MTR10.0197377
FR 2Karlsruhe Research Reactor Unit 2Tank / D2O44.0196119814
FRG-1Research Reactor Geesthacht Unit 1Pool / MTR5.01958201047
FRJ-2Research Reactor Jülich (DIDO)Tank / D2O23.01962200665
FRMResearch Reactor MunichPool / MTR4.01957200022
FRM-IIMunich High-flux Neutron Source in Garching Unit IIPool / Compact core with D2O-moderator20.0200420
FMRBResearch and Measuring Reactor BraunschweigPool / MTR1.0196719957
FRMZTRIGA Mark II Research Reactor of the Mainz UniversityPool / TRIGA Mark II0.119655
FRNResearch Reactor NeuherbergPool / TRIGA Mark III1.019721982-
RFRResearch Reactor RossendorfTank / WWR-S (M)10.01957199110


MTR - Materials Testing Reactor
WWR-S - Water-cooled Water-moderated Reactor of the Russian Type, S stands for serail production and M for modification

State of 2019.01.09

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