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Nuclear power plants in Germany - reportable events since commissioning

Nuclear power plants in Germany Nuclear power plants

Here information about the sites and states of German nuclear power plants are given.

The number of reportable events according to the Nuclear Safety Officer and Reporting Ordinance are listed in the last column of the table.

Nuclear power plants in Germany - reportable events since commissioning
(gross MWe)
Year of commissioning (Initial criticality)Year of final shut-downNumber of reportable events since commissioning as of 30 November 2018
1)Reportable events at systems common to the dual-unit plant
2)Reportable events since 3 October 1990
3)already shut down since 1988 due to court order
Nuclear power plant (NPP) in operation-
GKN-2Neckarwestheim NPP Unit 2PWR14001988116
KBRBrokdorf NPPPWR14801986262
KKEEmsland NPPPWR14061988155
KKI-2Isar NPP Unit 2PWR1485198896
KKP-2Philippsburg NPP Unit 2PWR14681984270
KRB-II-CGundremmingen NPP Unit CBWR13441984114
KWGGrohnde NPPPWR14301984261
Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) finally shut down-
AVRJülich Experimental NPPHTR151966198887
GKN-1Neckarwestheim NPP Unit 1PWR84019762011455
KKBBrunsbüttel NPPBWR80619762011495
KKGGrafenrheinfeld NPPPWR134519812015241
KKI-1Isar NPP Unit 1BWR91219772011288
KKKKrümmel NPPBWR140219832011346
KKP-1Philippsburg NPP Unit 1BWR92619792011372
KKRRheinsberg NPPPWR7019661990372)
KKSStade NPPPWR67219722003317
KKUUnterweser NPPPWR141019782011359
KMKMülheim-Kärlich NPPPWR1302198620013)186
KNK-IIKarlsruhe Sodium-Cooled ReactorFBR2119771991133
KRB-AGundremmingen NPP Unit A BWR2501966197726
KRB-II-BGundremmingen NPP Unit BBWR134419842017124 + 81)
KGR 1-5Greifswald NPP Unit 1 to 5PWR440 each1973 until 19891990912)
KWB-ABiblis NPP Unit APWR122519742011457 + 51)
KWB-BBiblis NPP Unit BPWR130019762011460
KWLLingen NPPBWR2681968197731
KWOObrigheim NPPPWR35719682005267
KWWWürgassen NPPBWR67019711994281
THTR-300Hamm-Uentrop Gas-cooled High-temperature Pebble Bed ReactorHTR30819831988125


BWR - Boiling Water Reactor
HTR - High-temperature Gas-cooled Reactor
FBR - Sodium-cooled Fast Breeder Reactor
NPP - Nuclear Power Plant
PWR - Pressurised Water Reactor

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