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Reports on reportable events

The BfE Incident Registration Centre supports the Federal Environment Ministry with its task to inform the general public about reportable events on a regular basis and publishes monthly and annual reports on the reportable events in nuclear facilities in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Monthly reports

The monthly reports list events in nuclear power plants and research reactors of the Federal Republic of Germany that have been reported on the basis of the Nuclear Safety Officer and Reporting Ordinance (Atomrechtliche Sicherheitsbeauftragten- und Meldeverordnung - AtSMV) and have been registered by the BfE Incident Registration Centre in the respective month. These reports can be downloaded (full text in German only).

Reportable events with enhanced radioactivity discharges

Since they were commissioned, the altogether about 6,500 reportable events having occurred in nuclear power plants in Germany also included events where the discharges of radioactivity into the environment were enhanced, compared with the normal operational level.

Annual reports

Information about reportable events in the nuclear installations of the Federal Republic of Germany is described in annual reports. The reports contain overview lists and statistical evaluations carried out according to different aspects.

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