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Annual reports on reportable events

Each year, two annual reports about the reportable events in the nuclear installations of the Federal Republic of Germany are published:

  • The report on the reportable events in installations for the fission of nuclear fuel (nuclear power plants and research reactors whose maximum power exceeds 50 kW of continuous thermal load) as well as
  • The report on the reportable events in the installations for nuclear fuel supply and waste management.

The annual reports contain overview lists of the events reported in the reference year and statistical evaluations carried out according to different aspects.

New findings as to reportable events in the reference year or information about events having been reported later or having been withdrawn after the editorial deadline of the respective annual report, are not considered in the statistics contained in the reports. However, this information is included in the reports of the Federal Republic of Germany for the regular review meetings of the International Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS). Insofar, there may be statistical differences in the CNS reports compared with the annual reports published here.

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As the annual reports are only available in German, please refer to the German article Jahresberichte for the full text of the reports.

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