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With the search for a repository for high-level radioactive waste, BfE is overseeing one of the most responsible national environmental projects in the coming decades. We are a new authority still in the start-up phase. Would you like to become part of our team?

Site Selection Procedure

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Site Selection Procedure

The BfE supports the BMUB in its activities connected to the disposal of radioactive waste. It will also regulate the repository site selection process once decision-making criteria have been laid down in law.

Transport licences


Transport licences

According to nuclear law, the BfE is responsible for the licensing of nuclear fuel transports and large sources. A licence is only granted if compliance with the regulations of nuclear law and hazardous goods law has been proven.

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Information material

The BfE provides free information material on many important topics relating to the repository site selection procedure, on public participation and on safety issues in nuclear waste management. Topic pages are to give a picture of many aspects of the search procedure, the participation of citizens and safety and are to help understand the complex interrelationships.

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Expert knowledge

For professionals in the field of the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management, for scientists and researchers, as well as for physicians and for manufacturer of transport containers for radioactive materials or of equipment and devices, in which radioactive material is inserted, BfE provides specific technical information on its website.

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Press information

Your contact persons at the BfE press office will help you with your inquiries. You can contact them by using the weblink "Press contact". Or have a look at more current information for media representatives.


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Site selection procedureKey data on the search process


Site selection procedurePublic participation

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Nuclear safetyDecommissioning of nuclear facilities

Nuclear safetyLicensing and supervision

Protection of man and the environment is one of the most important tasks of the state. This also applies to possible hazards brought about by the operation or decommissioning of nuclear installations. Therefore, nuclear installations for the production, treatment, processing or fission of nuclear fuel must undergo a nuclear licensing procedure for their erection and operation and are permanently subject to state supervision.

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