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2 General administrative provisions

Handbook on Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection

General administrative provisions regulate the actions of the authorities, thus only legally binding for the administration. However, they can serve as a basis for concrete administrative decisions and thereby become legally binding externally.

Chapter 2 of the Handbook on Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection comprises the general administratvie provisions on the nuclear sector relevant to

  • the calculation of radiation exposure during specified normal operation of nuclear power plants [2-1],
  • the radiation passport [2-2],
  • the environmental impact assessment [2-3],
  • the environmental monitoring [2-4],
  • the monitoring of foodstuff and feedingstuffs [2-5 and 2-6],
  • the warning system regarding foodstuff and feedingstuff [2-7] as well as
  • the implementation of the Ordinance on Electromagnetic Fields [2-8].

As no English translations are available, please refer to German Chapter 2.

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