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Nuclear waste management

Among others, the German Bundestag dealt with topics affecting the tasks of tthe tasks of the Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management (BfE). In the following you will find links relating to the Parliamentary Material Information System (DIP) of the German Bundestag.

The compilation includes answers to parliamentary inquiries on the topic of nuclear waste management which have been answered by the federal government on the basis of contributions made by the BfE or, respectively, whose topics are among the tasks of the BfE (documents in German only).

Parliamentary Inquiries on the Topic of nuclear waste management
24 February 2017Number of casks containing radioactive waste from the HDB Karlsruhe and number of waste packages intended for the Konrad repository released so far18/11323
17 February 2017Volume of radioactive waste from the HDB Karlsruhe intended for the Konrad repository 18/11220
13 January 2017Status of applications for the temporary storage of the remaining castors from La Hague (FR) and Sellafield (GB)18/10827
13 January 2017Status and process steps for the decommissioning of the Morsleben repository (ERAM)18/10827
19 August 2016Status of security measures for the Interim Storage Facility North18/9435
27 July 2016Nuclear transports of plutonium to the USA via Nordenham18/9268
5 July 2016Final report of Commission Storage of High-level Radioactive Waste Materials18/9100
19 February 2016Further management of nuclear waste from the reactors Arbeitsgemeinschaft Versuchsreaktor Jülich (AVR) and Thorium-High-Temperature Reactor (THTR-300) Hamm-Uentrop18/7641
8 December 2015Interim storage of high-level radioactive waste at Energie Werke Nord/Lubmin - Safeguards18/6961
20 November 2015Fourteenth Act on the Amendment to the Atomic Energy Act18/67137
2 October 2015Draft of a Fourteenth Act on the Amentment to the Atomic Energy Act18/6234
22 September 2015Criminal charges of improper handling of nuclear fuels in the Jülich Research Center18/6035
21 August 2015Programme for the responsible and safe management of spent fuel elements and radioactive waste (National waste management programme)18/5980
30 June 2015Salt rights for the Gorleben salt dome18/5363
29 June 2015Transports of radioactive materials18/5360
14 January 2015Nuclear waste exports from Jülich to the USA - reprocessing experiments in Jülich18/3759
5 December 2014Safety requirements and current plans for the disposal of specific radioactive waste in the Konrad mine; written questions by MdB Zdebel No. 83 to 8518/3476
13 November 2014Planned export of spent fuel elements from Jülich to the USA - Volumes of high-enriched uranium and costs of the so-called US option18/3230
5 November 2014Stock of radioactive waste and challenges associated with storage18/3053
5 September 2014Potential export of high-level radioactive fuel elements from Jülich and Ahaus to the USA in CASTOR casks18/2488
10 July 2014Hazards arising from transports of radioactive materials in Germany18/2101
11 June 2014Transports and storage of uranium hexafluoride and uranium oxyde in connection with uranium enrichment in Gronau18/1726
30 April 2014Need for remediation and allegation of antitrust behaviour in the Konrad nuclear repository project18/1277
18 February 2014Transports of radioactive materials18/552
5 February 2014Availability and licensing situation of transport and storage casks for spent fuel elements from nuclear power plants18/444
22 August 2013Radioactive waste with negligible heat generation (reply to the federal government's answer to the parliamentary question of Bundestagsdrucksache 17/14278), cf. below of 28.06.201317/14599
20 August 2013Dismantling of the Thorium High-temperature Reactor Hamm-Uentrop17/14588
28 June 2013Radioactive waste with negligible heat generation17/14278
21 May 2013Indefinite storage of depleted uranium at the URENCO uranium enrichment plant Gronau17/13598
17 May 2013Policy statement and discussion on nuclear waste management - Plenarprotokoll 17/241 from 30519 (B) to 30534 (C)17/241
14 May 2013Draft of an Act concerning the Search and Selection of a Site for a Repository for Heat-Generating Radioactive Waste and the Amendment to Other Laws (Site Selection Act – StandAG)17/13471
27 February 2013Proposed resolution and report of the Committee on the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (16th Committee) to the draft law - Drucksachen 17/11822 und 17/12298 (see below)17/12537
6 February 2013Draft law to accelerate the retrieval of radioactive waste and the decommissioning of the Asse II (bill of the Federal Government)17/12298
17 December 2012Transports of radioactive materials17/11926
11 December 2012Draft of a law on accelerating the retrieval of radioactive waste and decommissioning the Asse II mine17/11822
1 November 2012Non-contaminated saline solutions taken from the Asse nuclear repository17/11279
27 August 2012Origin and transports of nuclear fuel and its source material17/10573
27 August 2012The seabed as a repository17/10548
27 June 2012Presence of formation water and solution inflow in the Konrad repository (see 22253 C and D)17/186
9 May 2012Nuclear waste - Questions on the storage of low-level and intermediate-level radioactive waste and associated corrosion problems (corroded drums)17/9592
19 April 2012Transport of just under 300,000 fuel elements from the Jülich interim storage facility to Ahaus17/9364
16 March 2012Period of keeping the fuel elements from AVR Jülich stored (Protocol item 98).17/9002
29 February 2012Safeguards for interim storage facilities for radioactive waste (protection against terrorism)17/8773
7 February 2012Stress tests for interim storage facilities for radioactive waste17/8564
27 January 2012Number of still unloaded transport and storage casks for spent fuel elements at German NPP sites (Protocol item 88.)17/8509
13 December 2011Participation of the Federal Republic of Germany in research and repositories for high-level radioactive waste in France17/8124
12 December 2011Transport, import and export of radioactive substances from and to German nuclear installations via German harbours17/8114
2 November 2011Radiation exposure at the Gorleben interim storage facility and consequences for the planned CASTOR transport to Gorleben (additional enquiry concerning reply number 17/7136 of 8 September 2011)17/7581
8 September 2011Radiation exposure at the Gorleben interim storage facility and consequences for the planned CASTOR transport to Gorleben17/7136
22 August 2011Preliminary Safety Analysis Gorleben17/6817
22 July 2011Measures for bringing the Konrad repository for nuclear waste into operation (page 78, numbers 107 and the following)17/6658
23 March 2011Safety measures for the existing interim storage facility in Krümmel (see plenary minutes, page 68)17/98
7 February 2011Nuclear waste - reprocessing plant Karlsruhe and Interim Storage Facility North17/4702
17 December 2010Interim storage facilities and collecting points for radioactive waste in Germany17/4329
10 November 2010Demonstrations and actvities during the Castor transport (page 7548 and the following)17/70
5 November 2010Current situation concerning the remodeling of the Konrad mine, additionally accrueing spent fuel elements in the interim storage facilities because of the operational life span extension (page 91 and the following)17/3620
4 November 2010Nuclear transport to Russia and nuclear transports of the "Gesellschaft für Kernenergieverwertung in Schiffbau und Schifffahrt mbH"17/3621
3 November 2010Briefing by the European Commission: Proposal for the Council's Directive on the disposal of spent fuel elements and radioactive waste700/10
5 November 2010 Safety requirements for repositories, Gorleben and special nuclear waste17/3627
2 November 2010 Findings of security authorities on planned Anti-Castor protests17/3605
29 October 2010Participation of federal authorities in the protection of Castor transports17/3565
20 October 2010Interpellation concerning types of highly radioactive, heat-generating nuclear waste, cask types and interim storage facility sites17/3369
6 October 2010Answers to interpellations concerning the draft to amend the Atomic Energy Act (Transferring the operation of repositories to third parties, page 96 and the following)17/3256
13 September 2010 Aspects of interim and final storage with respect to the planned operational life span extension of nuclear plants17/2926
26 July 2010Financial stresses and strains and risks for the federal budget resulting from the decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear plants and from the radioactive waste stored in other countries17/2646
7 July 2010Influent solutions in the Morsleben repository for radioactive waste17/2495
6 July 2010 Advancement of trying the storage of nuclear waste in bore holes, by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology17/2405
1 June 2010 Who is in charge of the planned tests in Gorleben for the storage of highly-radioactive waste without the possibility of retrieval, and are these tests performed under participation of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection? (page 79)17/2060
27 May 2010 Accruals of the utilities for decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear power plants17/1866
23 April 2010Involvement of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety in the decision about decommissioning the Asse II repository (page 25)17/1480
14 April 2010 Morsleben repository - waste emplaced until 199117/1387
26 March 2010Which of the licences for West German nuclear power plants mention the Gorleben site, and in which exact phrases? (page 73)17/1248
19 March 2010Which conditions does a nuclear interim storage facility have to meet, either to get an indefinite operational licence or be channeled into a repository, and several questions concerning the Interim Storage Facility North near Lubmin (page 53 and the following)17/1108
12 March 2010Which legal variants concerning the Gorleben procedure did the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) evaluate and present to the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) (page 85)17/991
11 February 2010Supplement concerning false declarations and old waste with respect to the Asse repository17/752
5 February 2010Financing of flow barriers in the Asse mine from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)'s budget in the years 2008 and 2009 (page 60)17/639
18 December 2009Asse repository - false declarations and old waste17/310
18 December 2009Asse repository - allocation of resources by the former operator17/342
17 December 2009Planned nuclear transports to the Ahaus interim storage facility and interim storage of radioactive waste from the AVR Jülich17/167
13 November 2009Costs for the investigation, exploration and the storage of nuclear waste so far, in the Asse II and Gorleben emplacement sites17/29
24 September 2009How high were the expenses for the decommissioning and disposal of nuclear technology test and demonstration facilities in the 2009 federal budget, and how high are they in the government's draft for 2010? (page 30)16/14081
21 September 2009Decision history of nuclear waste emplacement in the Morsleben repository in the 1990s16/14070
14 August 2009Requirements for continuing the exploration works in Gorleben (page 39)16/13892
6 July 2009Payments and cash flows in connection with the Asse II repository16/13743
24 June 2009
Are the premises of the Gorleben exploratory mine sufficiently protected against persons bullying their way into them16/13710
23 June 2009Interim report summing up the findings so far concerning the results of the site examination in Gorleben from the year 198316/13538
19 May 2009Federal Government supports school grades visiting Schacht Konrad16/12631
14 May 2009Role of the Karlsruhe reprocessing plant concerning the origin of the radioactive inventory in the Asse II repository16/13037
13 May 200930 questions concerning the Karlsruhe vitrification plant and the dismantling of the Karlsruhe reprocessing plant16/12989
27 April 2009Inventory of records by the Helmholtz Zentrum München on the Asse II mine and destruction of such records in the last three years (page 32)16/12817
9 April 2009State of presentation of documents at the time of the operational transfer of the Asse II mine from Helmholtz Zentrum München to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (page 76)16/12601
18 March 2009Exclusion of brines flowing into the Gorleben salt dome; consequences of an eventual inflow of brines into the exploration area of the Gorleben salt dome (page 57)16/210
13 March 2009First-time knowledge of the federal government concerning possible health damages resulting from work in the Asse II mine and assessment of the dosimeter protocols from former workers (page 57)16/12247
6 March 2009Information by the German Atomic Forum concerning the extent of the nuclear waste emplaced in the Asse by West German utilities; Assignment of nuclear waste in the Morsleben repository to West German nuclear power plants and mentioning of Asse II in their licences (page 58)16/12182
4 March 2009Sharing the costs of reinstatement and decommissioning of the Asse II repository for nuclear waste with the power supply industry (page 22376)16/207
11 February 2009Measures by the federal government to clarify the leukaemia of a former Asse worker (page 22053)16/204
16 January 2009Dangers for the Asse II staff and for residents resulting from the possible damage at chamber 4 of the site and necessary protective measures (page 21557 B)16/199
12 January 2009Studies and expert reports commissioned by the BMBF concerning the probability of a contamination of the water possibly flowing into the Asse II mine and examinations to exclude this possibility (page 39)16/11716
20 October 2008Origin and composition of the radioactive inventory in the Asse II mine from the Karlsruhe research centre16/10783
16 September 2008Participation of the Federal Republic of Germany in repositories for highly-radioactive waste in France16/10267
16 September 2008Contents and results of a visit to Bure (France) by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology on 8 July 2008 (page 12)16/10284
14 February 2008Implementing the licence for the Konrad repository16/8322

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